FAST stands for Free Ad-supported Streaming TV. It’s a network with Channels that offer shows and movies centered on a particular interest. For example, on Cowboy Way, our Channel, you’ll enjoy Americana Lifestyle and Contemporary Cowboy-themed entertainment. You’ll find shows featuring cowboy or country lifestyles, tales of the Old West, and contemporary shows and movies that reflect the time-honored American spirit of hard work, justice, and doing the right thing.

Similar to “regular” live TV with a set schedule, Cowboy Way is primarily a linear Channel—only streaming, instead of being offered through cable/satellite. Each platform that carries the Cowboy Way Channel varies in their content offerings and may provide some of our content on an on-demand basis.

Lots of reasons! If you’re a cord-cutter or plan to be, at some point, streaming is the way to go. If you want to keep your cable or satellite service, streaming our FAST Channel content expands your entertainment options with shows and movies you might not see on air or in the theater, many exclusive to us—and without a subscription fee. That’s right…it’s FREE!

Action and Western movies like County Line, Blue Ridge, and The Warrant. The joys and struggles of real-life cowboy families in The Cowboy Way: Alabama. Shows of modern-day grit and determination, such as Turquoise Fever, Burn Boss, and Cow Boss Oklahoma. Thrilling competition between modern cowboys on Ultimate Cowboy Showdown hosted by Trace Adkins. Fascinating historical tales from Bat Masterson’s perspective in Wild West Chronicles, and much more*.

*Programming and schedule subject to change

Good eye! Yes, some of these shows and movies, plus others, such as State Plate and Handcrafted America have aired on INSP, and now you can enjoy them when they stream on Cowboy Way via various FAST Channel platforms. See question 3 for current platforms. More FAST network platforms will be coming soon!

But of course! Spending time with Bubba, Booger, and Cody is always a good time.

At this time, DVR capabilities are not available with our FAST Channel. However, some platforms that offer our content on-demand may include DVR service. For our shows and movies on-demand, and DVR service, check the terms of the platforms you currently subscribe to.

Nothing! Cowboy Way Channel is free.

We’re so glad you asked! Cowboy Way Channel is packed with original content featuring a wide range of modern-day cowboys and heroes, making it a 24/7 destination for viewers and fans of rough-and-tough Americana programming. To offer Cowboy Way Channel to your viewers, just shoot us an email here! And be sure to include your contact information and any questions you have about the Channel. We’d love to tell you more, and get you started right away. So, let’s talk!

Wild horses running towards the viewer in a wide open field. There is a blue overlay on top of the image.